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Chargeback System  

Due to the nature of informatics, basic use of most applications, initial training and consultations are provided without chargeback to UNMC  users. Fees for services beyond initial support are outlined in the table below.

Computational Services Consulting and user support

UNMC users - 3 free hours a year per faculty; $65/hour thereafter.
Outside users - $100/hour

Data and Information Management Management and processing of scientific data; data mining

UNMC users - 3 free hours a year per faculty; $65/hour thereafter. Outside users - $100/hour

Development and Support Database design, development, support, and maintenance

UNMC users - $65/hour; Outside users - $100/hour

For larger/more comprehensive informatics services requiring significant effort by Office staff, an estimate of time for each personnel member is made and translated into salary support. Frequently, for such large projects, dedicated informatics support is added to the grant proposal.

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